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Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer!

Summer is coming in HOT and will be at full blast soon! Vacations and road trips are on everyone’s minds. Although we love the long sun-filled days and great weather, our cars need special attention throughout...

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On the Go Snacking Tips

Whether you and your family are on a long road trip or just left the grocery store, at some point, you may hear a voice calling out from the backseat, “I’m hungry!” If you drive with your family...

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Car Seat Safety Guide

Were you aware that in the past, drivers were not always required to have a child seat in their vehicles? In fact, many of you probably never had to sit in one while growing up. It’s not surprising that many of...

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How to Remove Old Bumper Stickers from Your Car

If you have too many old bumper stickers on your car and you ready to get rid of some or all of them, today is your day! Bumper stickers that have been on a car’s exterior can become difficult to remove....

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Safe Driving Checklist for Your Teen Driver

They grow up so fast, don’t they? It is always a hard pill to swallow when you realize your young child is now a teenager who is ready to drive. Knowing that your teen will now be in the driver's seat,...

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How to Properly Disinfect Your Car During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the spread of COVID-19 moving across the country, we all know how contagious it is. We have heard about washing our hands and disinfecting surfaces. Those two factors are the best way to defend against the...

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