Ford has suspended the production of the F-150? in Fayetteville, AR

Ford has suspended the production of the F-150?

Joey Book's Blog | Ford has suspended the production of the F-150?

The last two days I have been stopped by RANDOM people in town and asked "What are ya'll going to do without trucks?".  At first, I thought these people are CRAZY, we have over 100 in stock!  Then I did a little research and found out that there is indeed a shutdown to the F-150 plants in Dearborn Michigan and outside of Kansas City Missouri.  

Why are they haulting production?  There was recently a fire at a suppliers facility (Meridian Magnesium Products of America in East Rapids, Michigan) that produces parts for the F-150 and Super Duty trucks.  There is a supply of these parts available but not enough to keep production operating smoothly.  Ford will tempararly suspend production until these parts are readily available again.  This process is expected to be short term and should only take a couple of weeks.

                                 What are we going to do?

Lewis Automotive Group has a HUGE selection of 2018 Ford F-150's.  Having OVER 100 Ford F-150's in stock currently and more in transit, this situation will have no effect on us.  Before you start to panic, know that Lewis Automotive Group has you covered and there will be no shortage of the NUMBER 1 SELLING TRUCK 40 YEARS IN A ROW

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