If the key fob is dead or the battery in your vehicle is dead, HOW DO YOU GET IT? in Fayetteville, AR

Joey Book's Blog | If the key fob is dead or the battery in your vehicle is dead, HOW DO YOU GET IT?

Have you noticed that MOST NEW or NEWER vehicles have proximity keys?  (A proximity key allows you to lock/unlock your vehicle, pop your trunk and even start your vehicle without actually having a "key")

Most NEW vehicles don't even have a place for a key to be put in, or do they?  What happens when your battery is dead in your key fob goes dead? What about if your car battery is dead, how would you open the door to pop the hood to get it jump started?  This video walks you through step by step on how to get into your vehicle. (Yes there is still a key hole on your vehicle.  I am going to show you where it is at)

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