The Salesman that EVERYONE is afraid of! in Fayetteville, AR

Joey Book's Blog | The Salesman that EVERYONE is afraid of!

I’ve said this a MILLION times, “Everyone SELLS something”.  It may even be as simple as you selling yourself to your spouse, selling yourself to your employer to get you hired or keep your job every day.

But do you have a PROFESSIONAL that you TRUST when you’re making a BIG purchase?  Buying a vehicle is the 2nd largest purchase that MOST people make (behind buying a house).  Wouldn’t you like to buy from someone that isn’t going to TRY TO SELL you something, but would rather HELP YOU find a solution?  

There is a TERRIBLE stereotype for Car Salesman.  I want to change that stereotype.  It all starts with a VIP appointment.  Download my FREE web based APP Joey Book APP and see for yourself the difference between someone that just shows up to sell cars every day and someone that shows up to HELP people find a solution every day. 


  • Instant communication with me (In app instant messenger, Text, Calls or E-mail)
  • Download ANY brochures within the last 10 years (ANY MAKE)
  • Calculate your own payments
  • Refer your Friends, Family and CO-Workers (keeps track for you)
  • Browse my CURRENT inventory
  • Get a video walk around of the vehicle of your choice
  • Get a FREE INSURANCE QUOTE from 20 TOP RATED companies
  • Schedule your VIP TEST DRIVE (select a beverage for your arrival)
  • Read blogs on CURRENT automotive news and vehicle features
  • Read my reviews and see what other have to say about me
  • Access to ALL of my Social Media links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and more

Now, with all of that being said, would you rather work with someone like me? Or someone like this guy in the video? 

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Thank you for visiting my website. Let me help you find the perfect vehicle. Contact me if you have questions.


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