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Who has a feature or warning light in your vehicle that you have NO IDEA what it does?

Vehicle Warning lights can be VERY scary looking!  Not all warning lights are as bad as they look.  The problem with...

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Roadside Assistance Numbers

Ford- (800) 241-3673 Chrysler – (800) 992-1997 Coastguard- (877) 877-9359 ASC Warranty- (800)...

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Double Down Sales Event- MALL PRESALE

Double Down Sales Event has been a HUGE success.  What is the                     ...

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Ford has suspended the production of the F-150?

The last two days I have been stopped by RANDOM people in town and asked "What are ya'll going to do without trucks?".  At first, I thought these people are CRAZY, we have over 100 in stock!  Then I did a...

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X- Plan Pricing

Do you work for any of these companies?  Did you know that you qualify for SPECIAL pre-negotiated pricing on NEW Ford vehicles?  This pricing is BELOW market value on NEW Ford products.

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